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Today I released the new version of Amazon Simple Admin.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed: issue with currency and price not displaying properly
  • Added: Widget for displaying collections in sidebar
  • New placeholder: {$LowestNewOfferFormattedPrice}
  • New placeholder: {$LowestUsedOfferFormattedPrice}
  • New placeholder: {$AmazonPriceFormatted}
  • New placeholder: {$ListPriceFormatted}
  • Keeps user templates after update and does not overwrite custom templates.
    The built-in templates are now place in directory “tpl/built-in”.
    Do not change these build-in template as I could change them for future updates.
    For your own template copy a build-in into the directory “tpl” and change it there.
    If templates with same names exist, always the one in “tpl” will be used.
  • New feature: Personal comment [asa comment=”Hello world”]ASIN[/asa] The comment can be displayed with placeholder {$Comment}
  • Added: New build in template: mp3
  • Improved default / built-in templates: default, book, dvd, mp3
  • Added: When browsing a collection in the backend, the price of an item is listed
  • New plugin homepage:

If you have any questions about the new versions please check out the Step by Step Guide, write or comment or contact me by mail.

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I started working on Amazon Simple Admin back in 2007 because I could not find an Amazon plugin for Wordpress that met my requirements. After many years of experience and hard work, the complete new ASA 2 Pro was released in early 2016. Follow me on Twitter.

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11 years ago

thank you for fixed bugs and updated your plugin

11 years ago


there´s actually a error-message by using the amazon simple admin plugin. Could you help me?


11 years ago

The right url is:


11 years ago

Same Problem in Germany .. need a Solution … more Reports for the same Problem at