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What is AmazonSimpleAdmin?

  • AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA 1 Free) is a plugin for WordPress
  • It lets you easily embed Amazon products into your posts by using simple asa-shortcodes.
  • By using HTML templates ASA gives you full control about how the products get displayed in your theme
  • Your Amazon Affiliate ID will be automatically added to the links which lead your visitors to the Amazon shop page


AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages by using the simple shortcode style:

It automatically adds your Amazon tracking ID to the links which lead the user to the Amazon shop page.

By using the template feature and with a little HTML knowledge, you can completely customize the way the products integrate in your WordPress theme and the widget makes it easy to show products in your sidebar.

International store support

AmazonSimpleAdmin supports all Amazon stores which currently provide the product advertisement webservice.

Country CodeCountry NameAmazon logo
INIndia amazon_IN
ITItaly Italy
UKUnited Kingdom 
USUnited States 

Easy integration

With AmazonSimpleAdmin it is very easy to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress post.

You only have to enclose the Amazon product ID (ASIN) with the asa tags.

For example

will result in:

You get the ASIN code from the Amazon product page in the product details section. In case of books it is the ISBN number.

Fully customizable templates

The layout of the Amazon product box depends on the template file that is used for rendering the box. Template files are text files with HTML-code which reside in the plugin’s sub-directory “tpl”. ASA provides an extensive list of available placeholders you can use in your templates.

The plugin is shipped with some built-in templates which can be found in the sub-directory “tpl/built-in”. With a little knowledge of HTML you can easily customize the appearance of the product box and save your own templates in the tpl directory. Do not change the files in the directory “tpl/built-in” as those could get updated and overwritten in future releases. To overwrite built-in templaes, you can place your own file with the same name as a built-in template in the directory “tpl”. The plugin will always use your custom template in the directory “tpl” instead of the built-in.

By default the default.htm template is used. To tell ASA to use a template other than default, just write the name of the file without the .htm extension in the opening asa-tag:

This will use the book.htm template which includes some special book values like ISBN and author.

If you want to use multiple parameters in the opening tag you have to separate them by comma, like:



With product collections it is very easy to include multiple products into your post. For future reuse you can manage your collections in the plugin menu.

Let’s say you want to include four products into your new post and also in an older post. It would be very uncomfortable to include the asa-shortcode four times in every post. That would be the right moment to think about AmazonSimpleAdmin’s collection feature.

You can include the collection in your post with the asa_collection shortcode surrounding the collection name:

This would automatically show all products you have added to this collection like this screenshot shows.


AmazonSimpleAdmin comes with a widget that lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your sidebar.

With several options you can change the bevaviour of the widget. It is no big deal to show some random products of a product collection you have set up in advance.

Check out the Step by Step Guide for more information.

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  1. Pingback: コンバージョンが上がるアフィリエイト用プラグイン『AmazonSimpleAdmin』

  2. Evie Milo

    User defined templates do not work if you include a comment.

    e.g. if you have:

    [asa dvd comment="Your Comment Here"]number here[/asa]

    it uses the default template.

    If you remove the comment and just have:

    [asa dvd]number here[/asa]

    it uses the dvd template I’ve created. I can’t get my templates to work with comments at all – is there a way to fix this please??????????

    1. Post
  3. Tommy

    Great plugin. I found an issue. If a product has more than 1000 customer reviews, the plugin gives “1 custumer review” in my product box.

    1. Post
  4. Magalie


    I´m just create my own web site, I work for important investors and I would like to integrate this amazon plugins. Could I receive a commission on the sales? How does it work?

    1. Post
  5. Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

    This looks like a great plugin. I’ve just started a book review site and I’m looking for an easier way to integrate Amazon links.

    However, I wonder if it will be possible in the future to have access to multiple Amazon stores and select the one that matches the user? For example, if a reader comes from the US, show them the link to But if their IP shows them coming from Canada then link to

    Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t keep track of your affiliate tracking if the user switches from one store to another (or didn’t last time I checked which is about a year ago). So it would be nice to have the option to present the most appropriate link to a user. Even if it were a selection box that allowed the user to select the Amazon store they’d use.

    Anyway, I’m just getting ready to test out your plugin. It looks fantastic so far!

    1. Post

      Hi Bill,
      thanks for your feedback. I will keep that in mind and maybe find a way for that in future versions.
      I hope you will use my plugin. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me.

    1. Post
  6. Morpheus

    Great plugin, keep it up.
    Is it possible to get shut the box in the national language? The time it is only available in English. So Price = Preis etc

    1. Post
  7. Stefan

    Is it possible to create colections with .csv?
    How to get ASIN codes automaticaly from amazon?
    Can we separate them in categories?

    1. Post

      Hi Stefan,
      thanks for your requests. Those convenience features will come with future versions and are not available at this moment.

  8. Nedim Sabic

    Hi Timo,

    are you planning to integrate geo-location based affiliate links? Like if I have an Amazon Affiliate account for US, UK and Australia and the script recognizes where the user is coming from and serves him the proper link.

    When do you plan the next update?

    Keep the good work and I’m sure that the most affiliates out there will recommend your plugin and your donations will rise!

    1. Post

      Hi Nedim,
      thanks for your feedback. That is a great idea. I add it to the wishlist for future updates. I am working on the next update but can not say when it will be available exactly.

    1. Post
  9. Cindy

    Super Plugin werde es direkt in meine Seiten integrieren, Einzig negative: wenn ich das Widget benutze, wird es nicht Angezeigt da es von meinem Popup blocker blockiert wird.

    1. Post

      Danke für dein Feedback, Cindy. Das mit dem Blocker ist mir bewusst und ich werde für das nächste Update evtl eine Lösung anbieten (zufällige Ids). Aber letztendlich ist das Widget ja meistens auch Werbung und wird daher korrekterweise gefiltert wenn der Anwender das so will. Aus unserer affiliate Sicht ist das natürlich ungünstig 😉

    1. Post

      Hi Rene,
      die Grundlage der Templates ist HTML. Wenn man sie anpassen möchte ist aktuell ein wenig HTML Kenntnis notwendig. Es gibt keinen wysiwyg Editor, falls du das meintest.

  10. KaffeevollautomatHQ

    Hallo, vielen Dank für das super Plugin. Es hat mir wirklich sehr beim Aufbau meiner ersten Amazon Sites geholfen. Ich bin gespannt auf das was da noch kommt. Update hat gestern problemlos geklappt. Viele Grüße,


    1. Post
  11. Alessio

    I use AmazonSimpleAdmin Versione 0.9.15  with WP 4.1.1.

    When the plugin is active in Aspect-Widget i obtain “500 Internal Server Error”, if i disable plugin is all ok

    Can you help me ?

  12. Alisa Shtromberg

    I see you support international Amazon stores. How do I have multiple Amazon country codes entered all at once? Does your plugin support having multiple Amazon country codes?

    1. Post
  13. Susan

    Hi! I am a book blogger and is it possible with this plugin to be able to pull, New Release Books or even pull books by specific genres all at the same time? Or must I do them one by one. That is my problem right now. I have a “Book Deals” page and I would like to just post the book cover, title and price. This will be up to or more than 100 books a week. Please tell me this plugin will work for me? LOL! I have been looking everywhere for one to make things faster and streamlined. I have seen a couple other book bloggers that have simple, but beautiful “Sales” “New Release” pages so I know it can be done somehow. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you so much!

  14. Post

    Hi Susan,
    Sure, this can be done with ASA. You could create collections and embed them in your pages. Every time you want to add new books, you could just add them to one or more collections and it would automatically be shown on those pages. You can completely customize the layout of the product.
    With ASA 2 you even can use Amazon’s RSS feeds to automatically show new items without having to change anything. It will be available soon. I would be happy if you subscribe to the ASA newsletter to be up to date about the new version ASA 2:

  15. Sebastian

    Servus Timo,

    habe gerade auf einer Seite ASA installiert und es kommt sowohl auf dem SETUP sowie OPTIONEN Seite eine weiße Seite. Die anderen Seiten funktionieren.

    Ich kann also keine Amazon API Keys eingeben. Zusätzlich kommt oben eine Meldung: Authentifizierung fehlgeschlangen – bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Amazon Login Daten.


    Danke für deine Hilfe!


  16. Sebastian

    Hi Timo,

    Problem erkannt: Es liegt an dem Plugin WooZone. Weiß nicht ob du das kennst, es kann in Verbindung mit WooCommerce genutzt werden und legt die Amazon-Produkte als WooCommerce Produkte an.

    Nach Deaktivierung des WooZone Plugins hat alles funktioniert.

    Allerdings kann ich auf WooZone nicht verzichten, da hier meine Daten herkommen 😉


    Kannst es dir ja bei Gelegenheit mal ansehen, da ich denke, dass vor allem im US-EN-Bereich viele Leute das Plugin installiert haben 😉


    Viele Grüße.

    1. Post

      Hallo Sebastian,
      danke für die Rückmeldung. Ich kann das Problem mit der WooZone Light Version nachstellen und werde mal Ursachenforschung betreiben und bei Erfolg ein Update veröffentlichen. ASA 2 ist von dieser Problematik übrigens nicht betroffen.

    2. Post
      1. Sebastian

        Super! Danke dir 🙂

        Gibt auch einen kleinen Workaround mit WooZone deaktivieren -> ASA Daten eintragen -> WooZone aktivieren.

        Aber das ist auf Dauer furchtbar. Von daher bin ich für das Update sehr dankbar!

        Viele Grüße aus Würzburg,


  17. Jason

    Greetings Timo,

    For some reason, my product image is not showing up. Everything else is working fine, but the image is not shown. Can you guide me to a solution or is it something I am missing? Please let me know and than you for a great plug in!


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