Compare ASA 1 with ASA 2

When it comes to Affiliate websites, SEO is especially important. One major aspect of SEO is page speed.

“ASA 2 Pro” performs three to four times faster than “ASA 1 Free”. This is due to both the “Product Repository” and the advanced caching strategies.

Page Load Speed

  • Custom TemplatesCreate your own with HTML / CSS
  • CollectionsProduct bundles
  • Simple CacheCaches API result in text files
  • Product RepositoryThe API buffer, ASA on steroids
  • Product PickerSearch products from within ASA
  • InternationalizedLoad products from the visitor's country
  • Managed TemplatesBeautiful templates ready to be used
  • Customizable Template LayoutWithout programming skills
  • Template LogicConditions, Loops, Filters
  • Advanced CacheTemplate and Object Cache, Memcached
  • Multiple StoresParallel use of all Amazon stores
  • Multiple Associate IDsPer shortcode or managed sets
  • Bestseller lists Constantly changing content without effort
  • E-Mail Notifications Be warned about not available products
  • HTTPS readySecure image and shop page URLs
  • SEO readyFor a better pagerank
  • AMP SupportTemplates prepared for AMP
  • Single Image FeatureSelect from all product images
  • CronjobsRefresh products server-sided
  • Premium SupportWe are proud of our users!
ASA 1 Free
  • Free
ASA 2 Pro
  • From 59$

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