With which PHP versions is ASA2 compatible?

Please get rid of PHP 5

ASA2 tries to support older PHP versions for a certain period of time, because we know that in practice it is not always easy to keep all dependencies (themes / plugins …) of a WordPress page compatible with the current state of the technology. But this can no longer apply to PHP 5, as it is outdated for a pretty long time and a security risk, because it is no longer supported by the PHP team. So if you still use PHP 5 and receive errors when using ASA2, please update your server to a current PHP version!

Supported PHP Versions

The smallest version still supported by the PHP team currently is 7.3.

On this page you can see which PHP versions are actively maintained: https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

The WordPress team currently recommends version 7.4 (check the WordPress requirements)

ASA2 still works with PHP 7.1, but new developments are based on the smallest officially supported PHP version.

Important for the use of shell scripts

Be sure that the required PHP version also runs on the shell if you use ASA2’s cronjobs or other custom shell scripts.


Short URL: https://bit.ly/asa2-php-version