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Today I released a hotfix release due to some errors that could occur when using customer reviews. The errors occured when requesting the customer reviews page from Amazon. Unfortunately the webservice doesn’t retrieve this information directly for some time now so I created this workaround for version

Either the Amazon severs have some trouble or the plugin requests got locked out by Amazon. Whatever happened, I changed the way of requesting (put php curl as preffered way) and implemented some more error handling so that the problems should no longer bother you in the new version.

Keep in mind to backup your template files before updating as I experienced WordPress to delete my old directory completey before extracting the new version’s archive. This is kind of inconvenient as I solved this issue with the last update ( But the hotfix is more important right now and I try to find a way for keeping the template files again in future.

And check if your cache directory is still writable.

Please let me know what you think about the new version and this plugin in general.

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I started working on Amazon Simple Admin back in 2007 because I could not find an Amazon plugin for Wordpress that met my requirements. After many years of experience and hard work, the complete new ASA 2 Pro was released in early 2016. Follow me on Twitter.

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11 years ago

Thx for the hotfix! Short question regarding templates: in the old version you could edit them in WP plugin backend… now I have to edit it via ftp …/amazonsimpleadmin/tpl/built-in/ as many do some localisation and customization it would be better to have the option to directly edit the templates in WordPress… But anyway great tool when it works 🙂

Reply to  Timo
11 years ago

Hi, yes it worked via wp-admin/plugin-editor.php -> I guess because first the files where not in sub-folder – all files in the main folder are editable in wp backend –

11 years ago

Thanks, works great!

11 years ago

Hi Timo

Did you find out more about what was going on? I have the strong suspection that the amazon servers really have changed something.
My site takes now more than 20 seconds longer to load when I enable amazonsimpleadmin!
Do you have any idea what i could do to avoid the slowing down?


Reply to  Timo
11 years ago

Hi Timo It was indeed the cache setting – thank you for that valuable tip. While analysing the problem I might have found a further possibility for optimizing page load speed. Currently the pictures seem to be included from the amazon servers. The pictures come in the resolution amazon has them and are scaled via the width and height settings in the templates. If there was a way to make the wanted dimensions known to the plugin (e.g. if you want to change the template mechanism anyways and put them into the database…) then it would be possible to fetch… Read more »

11 years ago

already upgrade. Work well

Thank you, Timo

11 years ago

Thank you for hotfix.

I`m downloaded.