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With Amazon Simple Admin it is very easy to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress post.

To include a Amazon product into your post you only have to enclose the Amazon product ID (ASIN) with the Asa tags

For example:

バンビ(北米版) blue-ray+dvd / bambi [import]
Preis: --
(Stand von: 2022/11/15 3:01 am - Details
Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum angegebenen Datum / Uhrzeit korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen auf https://www.amazon.de/ zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf dieses Produkts.
0 neu0 gebraucht

You get the ASIN code from the Amazon product page in the product details section. In case of books it is the ISBN number.

Check out the Step by Step Guide for more information.

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I started working on Amazon Simple Admin back in 2007 because I could not find an Amazon plugin for Wordpress that met my requirements. After many years of experience and hard work, the complete new ASA 2 Pro was released in early 2016. Follow me on Twitter.

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11 years ago

Hello Timo!

Before jumping to my question I would like to thank you for this incredible plugin! GOOD WORK!

My question as follows!
Is possible to use the short code in a template file ex: echo do_shortcode(‘[asa]‘.$ASIN.’[/asa]‘); ?

I tried to use it like that without any luck!
What am I missing?!


11 years ago

Hi Timo

Thanks for your help, this solved my problem!



Donation sent 🙂