Prevent AdBlockers from blocking the ASA sidebar widget

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If you are using AmazonSimpleAdmin’s sidebar widget you may have noticed that it gets blocked by AdBlockers like AdBlock Plus. Until now, ASA used a static CSS class for the outer div container of the widget called “AmazonSimpleAdmin_widget“. AdBlockers recognize that as an ad and block it. If you do not want your sidebar Amazon ads to get blocked, you …

Easy integration

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With Amazon Simple Admin it is very easy to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress post. To include a Amazon product into your post you only have to enclose the Amazon product ID (ASIN) with the Asa tags For example: You get the ASIN code from the Amazon product page in the product details section. In case of books it …

Fully customizable templates

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You can completey customize the way the products get displayed in your posts. The plugin uses template files. You can either use the built-in or create own templates for your special needs. The layout of the Amazon product box depends on the template file that is used for rendering the box. Template files are text files with HTML-code which reside …

Product collections

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With product collections it is very easy to include many products into your post. For future reuse you can manage your collections in the plugin menu. Let’s say you want to include four products into your new post and also in an older post. It would be very uncomfortable to include the -code four times in every post. That would …


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Amazon Simple Admin comes with a widget that lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your sidebar. With several options you can change the bevaviour of the widget. It is no big deal to show some random products of a product collection you have set up in advance. Check out the Step by Step Guide for more information.

Great support

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Your feedback counts! Be sure that you will get support if you have any problems or questions regarding the setup and use of Amazon Simple Admin. Just use the comment function or the support form to ask your question.