Prevent AdBlockers from blocking the ASA sidebar widget

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If you are using AmazonSimpleAdmin’s sidebar widget you may have noticed that it gets blocked by AdBlockers like AdBlock Plus. Until now, ASA used a static CSS class for the outer div container of the widget called “AmazonSimpleAdmin_widget“. AdBlockers recognize that as an ad and block it. If you do not want your sidebar Amazon ads to get blocked, you can use the “Custom Widget CSS Class” feature of the new version 0.9.14. With it you can define a custom CSS class name for the outer container in the option.

Widget CSS class option

If you set your own class name, AdBlockers will no longer be able to recognize the widget as ASA content.

Additionally you can define another custom CSS class for the inner div container directly in the widget context. That gives you even more flexibility in accessing the layout of different ASA widgets.


Using the values of the screenshots will result in this widget source code:

ASA widget sourcecode

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9 years ago

Guten Morgen,

vorsicht! Beim aktuellen update werden vorhandene Template Files im ordner gel├Âscht ­čÖü

9 years ago

Ich warte eh schon gespannt auf ASA 2

F├╝r Affiliate Seiten ist dein Plugin mit unter eigentlich das beste. Dank der Template Funktion kann so jedes Produkt einzeln nochmal beschrieben werden etc.

Mit dem update heute fr├╝h hat es eine Seite erwischt, bei der ich 30 Templates verwende.
Die Nacht wird lang ­čÖé

8 years ago

Klappt super, danke für den Tipp.

8 years ago

Thanks for this plugin !

I’m quite a competent PHP coder but the Amazon API really frustrates me !

This really does make it so simple !

I also love to combine this with the WP To Twitter plugin as the traffic from even a few followers is immense

Thanks again, will definately recommend this & be using this on the rest of my 163 sites i still need to design & build lol

Reply to  RecruitmentFair
8 years ago

I am glad you like ASA. If you like, please take a look at the advanced features of ASA 2 Pro: