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You can completey customize the way the products get displayed in your posts. The plugin uses template files. You can either use the built-in or create own templates for your special needs.

The layout of the Amazon product box depends on the template file that is used for rendering the box. Template files are text files with HTML-code which reside in the plugin’s sub-directory “tpl”. The plugin is shipped with some built-in templates which can be found in the sub-directory “tpl/built-in”. With a little knowledge of HTML you can easily customize the appearance of the product box and save your own templates in the tpl directory. Do not change the files in the directory “tpl/built-in” as those could get updated and overwritten in future releases. To overwrite built-in templaes, you can place your own file with the same name as a built-in template in the directory “tpl”. The plugin will always use your custom template in the directory “tpl” instead of the built-in.

By default the default.htm template is used. To tell Asa to use a template other than default, just write the name of the file without the .htm extension in the opening

This will use the book.htm template which includes some special book values like ISBN and author.

Check out the Step by Step Guide for more information.

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12 years ago

I want to builsd a website about crossbooking in France.
Do you think your plugin can be adapt to fit with my wish.
The info about the books from Amazon will be ok, but the principle is to share for free and the price doesn’t have to appears.

Thank you for your answer.