Here we go again: Bugfix release is out

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Sorry for the daily updates recently, but the new Ajax mode had some teething problems (this is why I declared it beta ;-)). With this update the Ajax mode should finally work for not logged-in users too.

Additionally I added two more placeholders: {$Prime} and {$PrimePic} If a product is a prime product, {$Prime} shows “AmazonPrime” and {$PrimePic} will show a small icon. Thanks to Markus L. for the idea and implementation.

Here is the official changelog:
* Bugfix: Ajax mode did not work for not logged-in users
* Bugfix: Removed double usage of Amazon price formatting function
* Added: Placeholders {$Prime}, {$PrimePic}

Please share your thoughts about the new version in the comments or forums.

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