An update is on its way

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Hi ASA users,

I am preparing a little feature update for ASA these days. It will fix some issues and bring some new features.

The two new features I like most are:

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]
  • The possibility to place your template files in a subdirectory (“asa”) of your theme. This will keep them safe from getting deleted on update (what should not happen even now)
  • The option to skip the plugin’s cache when logged in as admin

Additionally some new placeholders will be introduced and the value for “ReleaseDate” will be formatted in the date format of the blog.

As a new service I started for you is the ASA Newsletter. It will keep you up to date about new features and updates. Subscribe and be involved in the ongoing development of the all new ASA2 version.

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9 years ago

Hi, erstmal danke für dein tolles Plugin, was ich gerade teste. Die Einbindung per [asa] geht wunderbar, allerdings werden Collections weder in Postings noch per Widget angezeigt. Die betreffende Seite ist (bitte nicht wundern, ist wie gesagt nur ein Test).

Die Collection sieht so aus:

Wäre super, wenn du mir helfen könntest 🙂