Keeping your custom templates update safe

Timo ASA 1 8 Comments

By default, ASA 1 looks for the HTML template files in its subdirectories /tpl/ and /tpl/built-in/.

You should never change the file in built-in as those are the templates shipped with ASA. They will be overwritten with new updates. You should put your custom templates one level higher in the /tpl/ directory. On update, ASA 1 tries to copy all files in the /tpl/ directory to a temporary destination and move them back after the update process is completed. However, this might not work on every server.

The best place to keep your custom template file is a subdirectory in your theme (or child theme) directory called “asa”. This folder is the first ASA checks for custom templates and it is absolutely update safe.

how to keep cutom templates update safe


Remember: No matter where you keep your custom templates, it is always a good choice to have a backup.

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9 years ago

Hello, I just updated the plugin yesterday. Thanks to reading this blogpost before I could safe my custom templates and everything works fine again! Thank you for your great work and for this phantastic plugin! Best wishes, Matthias

9 years ago

That’s a very good Advice!But what happens, if I update my Theme? Than I think my templates will be also lost?Can I make a directory for the templates directly in the /wp-content/ Folder?

8 years ago

Hi Timo,Just downloaded your plugin. Congratulations on a very professional piece of work.As I mentioned I am just starting to use the plugin and read the information on thr website etc.I have a question regarding compliance with the Amazon API requirements about having to display a timeif the price is not updated each hour.If I set the cache time to 3600 (or less) will a new api call be made according to that setting?

8 years ago

Hi Timo, thanks for your advice. I just updated the plugin on my site. Everything works well. GreetingsTom

3 years ago

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