Reply To: Cronjobs & Repo

October 27, 2016 at 21:20 #14059

I am not mad at you at all ­čÖé I just answered to the ticket you created today, so I think that is a pretty good respond time ­čśë

Here is my answer from the ticket:

I guess the problem in your cronjob configuration is the “wget” part. The “” should not be accessed via HTTP but via the bash/shell. So please try to replace “wget -q -O -” with just “bash”. Then the shell script should be executed as expected. As long as you are testing, I would suggest to remove the error suppression part “>/dev/null 2>&1”. If it still does not work or does not produce any output, please change the option “Cronjob event” in options “Advanced” tab to anything other than the default, like “plugins_loaded” event.

I think you are right about the Amazon TOS, but that is under the responsibility of each user. You have all the options with ASA 2 to show the required information like timestamp, disclaimer and so on.

I hope I could help you to get the cronjob running. If it still won’t do, please let me know. I am sure that we will get it to work, as it finally runs for every user I have helped with it so far.

Kind regards,