New version 0.9.11 is out!

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Hi ASA users!

I am proud to announce that I just released the new version 0.9.11

Next to some fixes and improvements I added one major feature: the AJAX mode. Please keep in mind that it is still beta. It will boost up your page load time noticeable. You can activate it in the new options panel you’ll find in the ASA config menu. Besides you can manipulate how a single products gets loaded with these new parameters: force_ajax, no_ajax

With [asa force_ajax=1]ASIN[/asa] you can tell ASA to load this product in AJAX mode even if it is not activated in the settings. And the other way around you can tell ASA to load a product in default mode even if AJAX is activated globally with [asa no_ajax=1]ASIN[/asa]. I hope this gives us enough flexibility with the new AJAX mode.

Here is the complete list of changes.

  • Added: AJAX mode for asynchronous loading to improve page load speed
  • Added: HTML tag support for $Comment placeholder
  • Added: Shortcode handler for better integration with other plugins / widgets
  • Added: Options panel
  • Added: FAQ panel
  • Fixed: Behavious of {$AmazonPrice}
  • Fixed: On adding items to collections, the collection name stays selected

Please let me know how the new version works for you.

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11 years ago

I just updated to this Version and there is a little Bug:
$AmazonPrice cuts off the last 2 digits and replaces them with 00.
$AmazonPriceFormatted is still correct…

11 years ago

Is the ability to export collections to XML on your roadmap? I would be devastated if i lost mine.

11 years ago

Hi Timo,
any update on a bestsellers/new release widget/shortcode by keyword/browsenode in adition to the collections? I wrote a feature request for this in the past.

Reply to  Timo
11 years ago

The php example I posted was filtered. Second try 🙂

$listprice = asa_item ($asin, listpriceformatted);
$listprice = str_replace(‘EUR ‘, ”, $listprice );
echo $listprice;

is rough what I use at the moment to get the single values in my theme

11 years ago

OK. Would love to see it in ASA 🙂 Another question: Is there a unformatted ListPrice placeholder without currency? And is there a proper way to get single values (price, medium image url, etc.) in my theme with some php directly? At the moment I build an ASA template file for each value I want to use and then save its value in a var for further usage: Which isn’t a proper way I think. And in this case I use string replace afterwards as well to get the unformatted listprice..:/ I shouldn’t be at all surprised if if there… Read more »