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    Hello Timo!

    Thanks for this nice plugin – I am very happy to report that it solves our current need perfectly!
    Nonetheless, I have some questions:

    * Somewhere in the german language part of this site I read (using google translate) that you are working on version 2 of the plugin – could you tell us something about the plans for that version (added features, etc.)? I recall reading that this version will solve the problem with issuing too many requests to the Amazon API – did I get that correctly?
    * Do you use or plan to use GitHub or any other public source code repository so that interested users can contribute to the project? We think it might increase interest for the plugin tremendously!
    * Is there a way to include a template for your plugin to a theme (as opposed to /wp-content/plugins/amazonsimpleadmin/tpl)? We would like to include a template for your plugin with our theme and could not figure out yet how to do this.
    * We currently only use the plugin to fetch the price for a few amazon products and handle the “Buy on Amazon”-button and -link by ourselves, so our template looks very simple – it merely contains a “{$AmazonPrice}” tag. In the near future however, we might include ratings and some other information, but we would like to display those things on different parts of the “product page” – not directly aside or below the spot where we currently already display the product price. Currently I can only imagine that this would cause additional requests to the Amazon API. Do you see any way to avoid this?
    * In regards to what I just mentioned, could you elaborate a little on how the plugin and specifically the caching process works? I would love to make myself understand the source code, but at least for now my WordPress knowledge is very limited, and my PHP is a little rusty.
    * When Amazon does not return a price, “{$AmazonPrice}” returns “—” – is there any way to get the status of the product (“Currently unavailable”)?
    * “{$AmazonPrice}” always seems to return the cheapest price – meaning when the Amazon Market Place has offers for a specific product, “{$AmazonPrice}” does return the cheapest price from the Market Place – even if Amazon directly offers the product. On the other hand, if Amazon does not offer the product but there are offerings from third-party vendors, “{$AmazonPrice}” returns “—“. Are you aware of this? Are we missing anything?
    * How compliant is the plugin in regards to the Amazon Affiliate Agreement, in particular the section on “time stamp” (4(o)) ? (see
    * Can we tip you for your work in some way?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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    November 28, 2014 at 11:23 #13252

    Sorry for my late reply.

    I am working on the new version ASA 2 right now and I guess it will be ready in the first quarter of 2015. Hopefully I can start a beta test in 2014.

    ASA 2 aims to solve every inconvenience ASA 1 has. It has a very powerful template syntax featuring conditions, loop, placeholder filters etc. You will love it! The templates are stored in the database, so no losses on updates anymore. Of course there will be caching, but more reliable and with some pro options, like using different storing types (memcache etc). And there will be some other great improvement I will not reveal yet and here, but I already love ASA 2 for its flexibility (it’s way more flexible than ASA 1!)

    As there will be a premium version (I’ve been working on ASA 1 and 2 for years ;-)) I am not planning to use github yet, but let’s see what the future brings. Maybe I will put the lite version (the basis) of ASA 2 to github.

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