Reply To: Wrong category (cat_slug) is shown

February 21, 2017 at 11:33 #14139


I am not sure if your shortcodes are right or got changed here by the forum syntax parser, but that option part looks wrong:

Option s should contain a search string. In your example it includes the other option cat_slug. I think you do not need option s at all because you just want to filter for cat_slug.

So I think your shortcodes should look like this:

[asa2_smart_collection tpl="Sortable_table" cat_slug="top-10-expresso-automatic-coffee-machines" /]

[asa2_smart_collection tpl="Sortable_table" cat_slug="top-10-expresso-coffee-machines" /]

More details about the options for shortcode asa2_smart_collection can be found here: