ASA1 Shortcode “asa_collection”

For embedding a whole collection of Amazon products into your post, use the asa_ollection shortcode:

where “my_collection” between the tags stands for the collection label you have created in the collections section.


Custom template

You can also use custom templates for collections. Declare your template file in the asa_collection tag, like this:

Limit items to display

To limit the number of items to display from a collection, use the “items” option, like in this example to display just 3 items:

Query type

There are two special types to customize the query of collection items.

  • “latest” – Only show the last added collection item. This will result in only one item!
  • “random” – Randomly ordered items. This can be combined with the “items” option.

Combine options

You can combine these options, like in this example which would only display one random item: