ASA2 Easter Sale 2017: 30% off!

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Easter sale 2017 is here! Only for a limited time, ASA 2 is 30% off! There was no higher discount yet! Use this discount code for your purchase: HAPPYEASTER17 It is valid until Friday, 21st April 2017! ASA 2 Pro is available at  

ASA 2 End-of-the-year release of version 1.6!

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The first year of ASA 2 comes to an end. It was a successful and inspiring year for ASA 2 and its community and I am very happy to announce another big update in 2016: Version 1.6 is here and the biggest feature it brings is: The advanced ratings mode! As most of you might know, the product ratings are …

ASA 2 Black Friday Sale: 30% off!

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Black Friday sale 2016 is here! Only for a limited time, ASA 2 is 30% off! This is the highest discount ever! Use this discount code for your purchase: BLACK2016 It is valid until Sunday, 27th November! ASA 2 Pro is available at  

ASA 2 is officially WPML compatible

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We are happy to announce that ASA 2 is now officially WPML compatible. The templates shipped with ASA 2 are completely WPML compatible which means that the product boxes will be translated automatically to the selected page language. Additionally you can add any language with the help of WPML’s extension “String Translation“. Multilingual product boxes will improve your sales! To …

ASA 2 version 1.4 brings WPML support and much more

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The new ASA 2 version 1.4.0 is out and it brings a lot of amazing features and updates. WPML support The biggest improvement is support for WPML. WPML is a powerful WordPress plugin to build multilingual websites. With the new ASA 2 version you can use WPML to translate your Amazon product templates. You can see it in action on the demo page. …

How-to: Use custom fields with ASA 2

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With ASA 2 it is easy to access the custom fields of the currently loaded post and use the value inside a product template. Just use the following syntax and replace the * with the name of the custom field: {{ post_custom_field_* }} What can it be used for? Custom fields give you a great flexibility to dynamically change the …

ASA 2 Update 1.3 brings new image features

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Did you know that you can access all Amazon product images with ASA 2, not just the main image? The Amazon Product Advertising API delivers all images as so called “image sets”. In most cases, every image is available in different sizes, from “swatch” or “small” up to “large” or even “hires”. Amazon product images slideshow ASA 2 provides a …

Make your WordPress Amazon affiliate site ready for HTTPS

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It is known for quite some time that the Google algorithm for evaluating websites prefers websites that are connected via HTTPS. This is a quote from the Google Webmaster Guidelines: “If possible, secure your site’s connections with HTTPS. Encrypting interactions between the user and your website is a good practice for communication on the web.” It is speculated that soon …

How-to: Shorten product title and description

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A frequently requested feature is to shorten an Amazon product’s title or description text because the original content is so long that it would destroy the page layout. This is possible with ASA 2’s powerful template syntax. You can use the template filters to customize placeholders in many different ways. To shorten a text, we can use the slice filter. …