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  • Dezember 2, 2018 um 03:18 #14817

    I have created two identical custom templates from the Horizontal Box Managed Template.
    The custom templates have different border colours but are otherwise the same – blue for boys and pink for girls.
    Some products have both Boys and Girls versions with different ASIN’s

    If I use one of the custom templates to a post, say the boys template, it displays correctly with the Blue border. If I add a girls template then the girls template border displays pink as it should but the boys template border also changes to pink.

    I think this is because the CSS loads only once and uses the setup of the last template rendered on the page.

    Is there any way around this so I can display both colours on a single post?

    Also the customer ratings and buy button on the horizontal managed template are displayed on the left next to the image. It looks messy and I would prefer the button and customer ratings to display on the right (with the text for customer ratings displayed under the stars. I cannot seem to get the CSS right so it displays correctly for desktop, mobile and tablet.

    Any help on that would be appreciated.


    Dezember 2, 2018 um 13:49 #14820

    Thanks for your feedback.

    You’re probably right about your guess about the CSS. It can probably be easily explained. When duplicating the template „Horizontal_box“, you probably left the CSS class names unchanged at „asa2_horizontal_box“. Therefore, your customized layout refers to all templates and the last one placed in the page wins.

    You can solve this by adjusting the CSS class names in each of your individual templates, e.g. to „asa2_horizontal_box_boys“ and „asa2_horizontal_box_girls“ (with all occurrences in the template CSS block). Then the CSS would only refer to its own template. I hope you understand what I mean. You can also create a ticket and I will help you.

    Could you send me a URL for the second issue where I can see this behavior? Then I can surely see why this is happening. If you don’t want to send it publicly, you can also send it via ticket (

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    • Diese Antwort wurde geändert vor 3 Jahre, 8 Monaten von Timo.
    Dezember 2, 2018 um 14:42 #14823


    Thanks for that.

    Yes that makes sense. So when duplicating the templates one should search and replace all the copied top level class names – in this case every occurrence of .asa2_horizontal_box to the new template name with a search and replace from the CSS code displayed using Notepad++ or similar and then paste the code back and save right?

    I’ll start a ticket on the other matter.
    Thanks a lot.

    Dezember 2, 2018 um 19:43 #14824

    Yes, exactly! This does not happen automatically when duplicating a template.

    Your ticket has arrived and will be processed as soon as possible.

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