Empty price, although a price can be seen on the product page

If an empty price is displayed when saving a product in ASA2’s Repo, even though a price can be seen on the product page, it may be because the product has different variations, such as size and color for clothes.

Since the Amazon PA API 5, an additional query to the API is necessary to determine the price range of all variations. To avoid too many requests, this behavior is not activated by default. However, if you use products with variations, it is recommended that you enable this behavior. This can be activated with the option „Advanced / Handle price variations with PA API 5„.

Consider used prices

If the above does not lead to the desired result, it may be because prices for used products are not considered. Please activate the options „Placeholders / AutoPrice considers LowestUsedPrice“ and „Placeholders / AutoPrice: Consider LowestUsedPrice only if no other„.


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