The buy buttons for the default templates are displaying text that reads „view_on_amazon“ or „view_now“

„view_on_amazon“ and „view_now“ are keys of ASA2’s template translations which are used in templates like this:

{{ translate("view_now") }}

You can find the translations in section „Templates / Translations“.


You can find out more about template translation in the online documentation on this page: Translation

Solution 1: Check if translations are installed

Go to section „Templates / Translations“ and see if the translations have been installed correctly. There should be over 30 items (36 with ASA2 version 1.8). If this is not the case, please click the button „Reinstall presets“ to install the translation items.

If this does not solve the problem, please also proceed with solution 2.

Solution 1: Clear all caches

If the translation keys are displayed in the templates instead of their values, this means that the translation value could not be found or loaded. One reason for this could be the translation cache. Therefore, please clear it by resetting all ASA2 caches in the „Options / Cache“ section by clicking the button „Clear all caches“.


Then reload your page and check if the translation value could be loaded correctly.