Upgrade your WordPress Amazon Affiliate skills with ASA 2 Pro!

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2) is a plugin for WordPress which lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your pages. It utilizes the Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money with every sale that comes about your site.

After seven years of experience with ASA 1, ASA 2 has been rewritten from scratch. It contains a wealth of features, is much more handy to use, achieves faster page loading times and is on the cutting edge of technology.

  • The successor of the popular ASA 1
  • Rewritten from scratch
  • Wide range of functions
  • Actively maintained and supported




Managed Templates

ASA 2 includes a variety of beautiful templates ready for use.  The best part is, they are kept up to date with every ASA 2 update, so you never have to worry about them yourself.


Customizable Templates

The managed templates offer a variety of options for adjusting their appearance, thus allowing anyone without programming skills to customize the look of embedded products.


Product Picker

ASA 2’s powerful product selector helps you find the right Amazon products directly in your WordPress post editor.  Additionally, it creates the right short code for you.


Product Repository

With the “Repo” you can store and organize products permanently in WordPress. This also serves as a buffer to avoid unnecessary requests to the Amazon API.


Dynamic Templates

ASA 2 comes with a powerful template syntax which lets you dynamically interact with the contents of placeholders.


Translated Templates

ASA 2 includes a custom solution to translate templates. You can perfectly adjust the templates to internationalized products and visitors.



ASA 2 is able to recognize the origin of a visitor and to load the product from the Amazon store of the country of his origin. Hence you will not miss any sale!


Bestseller Lists

Use Amazon’s RSS Feeds to automatically embed bestseller lists on your pages. This means constantly changing content without effort!



ASA 2 can notify you about not available products. Do not miss any sale when visitors click products which can not be bought currently.


Multi Caching

ASA 2 utilizes multiple caches, e.g. the template and object cache. They can be configured to meet your demands. Pros can even use PHP „Memchached“.


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* Prices listed are in USD. All licenses must be renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. License renewals receive 30% discount for a limited time.



What users think

Thomas Faessler
Thomas Faessler

I use ASA2 Pro on several websites with different Wordpress themes. I really like the Repo function and the possibilities to adapt the design for each website individually. Also the message function, which tells me on a weekly basis, which products I use are no longer available is really helpful and helps to improve the user experience.

The support is top-notch and very efficient. We could sort out all of my questions in the beginning and I'm more than happy with my decision to use ASA2 Pro!

Michael Fink
Michael Fink

We've been using ASA2 very extensively on a daily basis for several months now and have been excited about the opportunities it offers Amazon Affiliates from day one.

In addition to the fact that the TestSuite provides an easy way to get an idea of the readable product features, the reliability of the plugin and the up-to-dateness of the data are particularly impressive.

ASA2 helps us to provide our readers with the most relevant and up-to-date product information on an automated basis.

The new features added over the last months also increase the usability of the tool and make the plugin, despite the extremely powerful and versatile functions, easy in daily use.

Jens Ole Korting
Jens Ole Korting

We have been using the Amazon Simple Admin plugin for years now with lots of our quality affiliation projects. ASA 2 improves the product in every respect.

The easy and seamless integration of Amazon products, which is possible using the extremely flexible templating mechanism, is a real benefit for us, along with the sophisticated caching and great support. Thanks Timo for all the great work so far!

Christoph Weil
Christoph Weil

We started using ASA2 on one of our websites to test the plugin and to see if we gain benefits in using the plugin vs. developing it ourselves. Everyone in our team admits that it was the best decision to go for ASA2. Also in comparison to other Amazon Associate Plugins on the market ASA2 delivers the best value for an acceptable amount of money.

No matter if you want to customise ASA2 templates or generate them yourself. The plugin is easy to understand and works amazing. Furthermore I really like the support of the ASA2 - if you write them you nearly instantly get an answer to your question.

We now plan to use ASA2 on further pages. We definitely found what we were looking for a long time. Thanks a lot!

Maria Lengemann
Maria Lengemann

Our agency uses ASA 2 Pro on more than 20 websites. The installation is fast, the administration is uncomplicated, and the design integrates easily with our themes. Support from ASA 2 Pro has been available every time - which one does not often see anymore today!

For website administrators in general, and especially for administrators of niche sites, we believe that ASA 2 Pro saves a lot of time. The ranking stars promise an additional level of trust.

David Morawietz
David Morawietz

We are now using ASA 2 Pro on 5 websites, including for example luxusuhren-test.de. Here we are using ASA 2 Pro to blend in Amazon products and to make automatic regular updates.

The possibilities of display form with ASA 2 Pro are nearly unlimited: with a little HTML and CSS know-how, one can design one's own templates, and with numerous placeholders, products can be individually offered. The loading times for the user are minimized by server-side caching.

A big plus is the support. Our inquiries are processed within a few hours and new feedback has been openly acknowledged.

Christian Pursch
Christian Pursch

ASA 2 Pro allows for a simple and fast integration of Amazon products. The creation of custom product templates and an overview of integrated products and their availability are just a few of the features that simplify work as an affiliate.

The prior plugin had already convinced me. I can warmly recommend ASA 2 Pro to every affiliate.

Matthias Lehr
Matthias Lehr

Through the use of ASA 2 Pro, I was able to reduce the loading time of my website by a third. That led to better rankings!

The switch to ASA 2 Pro was simple and was completed with the turn of a hand, thanks in part to a template conversion function and a great set of instructions. For me, the highlight is the ASA 2 Pro product repo, that pulls the product data into my WordPress. I intend to use ASA 2 in all of my other projects!

ASA 2 Pro is my clear Amazon Affiliate Plugin favorite! It is unbelievable how many features have been added! Many thanks to Timo for the great work in ongoing development!