Although I use the “Advanced mode” for loading the ratings, I get a lot of “Captchas”.


If you get a lot of “captchas” even though you increased the value for “Refresh recurrence” to several minutes and repeatedly paused the whole process, the IP address of your server will probably be blocked by Amazon.


For this case the ASA2 feature “Proxies” was developed. It uses proxy servers for the requests and not your own server. You can activate it in section “Options / Ratings” with option “Use Proxies” (see screenshot below).

Then switch to section “Ratings / Proxies” and enter some new proxy servers or import them as a list. Be sure to only use proxies with the highest anonymity level. (Elite Proxies / Level 1)

For starters, you can try free proxies. However, these are unreliable and can be disabled from day to day. With paid proxies you can work better in the long run. I have had good experiences with ASA2 and the Private Proxies of


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