Black Friday Sale 2019 – 30% discount code for ASA2!

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The ASA2 Black Friday Sale is online with a 30% discount!


is your 30% discount coupon for:

It is valid until December 2, 2019.

The coupon code is valid for all purchases on

The best chance to get PA API 5 support!

This is your chance to upgrade to the new ASA2 version which is compatible with the Amazon PA API 5.0 which gets mandatory from February 11, 2020.

Since Amazon expects to deactivate API version 4 in February 2020, ASA2 versions older than 1.12 will not be able to load product data via the API. Therefore, it will be necessary to use versions greater than 1.12 to continue using ASA2 profitably.

In addition to the well-known range of features, ASA2 is constantly being developed to continue to be your best choice for Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress. The next big functions will be comparison tables and keyword search. Stay in touch, best by signing up for the newsletter.

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I started working on AmazonSimpleAdmin back in 2007 because I could not find an Amazon plugin for WordPress that met my requirements. After many years of experience and hard work, the complete new ASA 2 Pro was released in early 2016. Follow me on Twitter. Learn more about me and the story behind ASA in this interview on (in German).

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