ASA2 update notes (v1.10.8)

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Before the next feature update, with today’s update to version 1.10.8, there come some bug fixes and optimizations.

URL Importer

The Repo URL Importer (see had problems processing search URLs. This now works again.

Text link URL format

The ASA2 text link shortcode (see had always used the same URL format. Now it uses the short URL format, which can be configured under “Options / Templates”.

RequestThrottled API issue

Concerning the “RequestThrottled” issue there is a small optimization on the setup page which ensures that only one request is sent at once to check the API connection. However, this does not solve the problem in general.

The error message (“You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.“) is still coming from the API. There are many reports on the Internet about this problem in the context of other software or own developments. So this is not a problem of ASA2 alone. It is assumed that this account restriction will be applied for some time. The recommended solutions are to create a new account in the form of an IAM user or to change the outgoing IP address, i.e. the web server. However, both did not lead to success in all cases.

Get the update

You can get the update via the auto-update function in the WP plugin backend or in the download section in your ASA2 account:

Get ASA2 (Amazon Simple Affiliate Pro)

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3 years ago

Hey Timo,
i really like that you publish so much updates..
So far i used the plugin called aawp but the developments stands still most of the time.
I consider to buy yours..
How much is the professional one? I can’t find it