ASA2 update 1.10.6 allows using the editor button in the Gutenberg Classic Block and deals with the RequestThrottle API issue

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Editor Button

With the update 1.10.6 you can use the familiar editor button of ASA2 within the “Classic” block of Gutenberg. This is a good solution until there will be native ASA2 support for Gutenberg. The following video illustrates the process.

Amazon API RequestThrottle Issue

New pause option for the cronjob

It has been known for some time that the partner program API of Amazon has problems to correctly control the request limit, which was even more restricted since the end of January (see article). Update 1.10.6 includes a new option to give the Repo items refresh cronjob a fixed pause between two API requests. Otherwise it will be calculated automatically. The pause in seconds can be set either in the options (“Options / Advanced”) or passed to the shell command as a parameter:

bash Asa2_Module_Repo_Cron_Refresh --pause=3

Use this static pause if you are frequently confronted with the RequestThrottle error. Unfortunately, experience shows that even static pauses of 3 seconds cause the error in the API, which makes no sense at all.

Get the update

As always you can get the update via the auto-update function in the WP plugin backend or, if you are not yet an ASA2 user, via the shop page:

Get ASA2 (Amazon Simple Affiliate Pro)


This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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